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Sunshine State of Mind

There was a period of time in my life when I was negative. I didn't realize it until I started to listen to my pattern of speech. I realized very quickly that instead of focusing on things positively, I had turned to using negative words. For example: "I dislike this rug so much," or "I hate when people are rude." It was constant how I would point out negative things. You know, we often don't realize we are even doing it. Sometimes we are just tired, sometimes we've been around others that are negative, or sometimes we can feel depressed. It happens. But, I think we need to reevaluate why we get caught up in negative habits (whether its the words we use, the food we eat, the excuses we make, etc). We are so much stronger than what we give ourselves credit. I know I have the capability to make changes in my life.

So, I thought I'd share with you how I broke out of the negative thoughts and feelings, and into the "sunshine state of mind." First, I was tired of being grumpy. I started to feel embarrassed that I sounded so negative. It didn't reflect who I felt I was, and who I want to be. I had to make a conscious effort to use my words in a way that I could be proud. No, I don't have little ones that I worry will mimic me, but I do have a husband that feeds off my energy. If I'm negative, he is. If he's negative, I can often get him out of that mood, by not being pulled into negative narrative. It's contagious!! I also realized my negativity was driving away people I cared about. Let's be real.....who wants to be around a negative nelly all day who can't find anything positive about being alive? We can all find things that we may not be happy about, but instead of focusing on that, we really should strive to find a solution that brings something good from it. It doesn't hurt anyone, and it helps to move into a healthier frame of mind. We can't control every situation, but we CAN control our response to it.

Secondly, I had the big AHA moment. When I was put in a situation where I may not have been able to see another morning, take another breath, or love the ones that are so dear to me, it changed me. It made me realize that all that other stuff I worried about, had an opinion on, disliked, etc. wasn't worth my precious time I have on earth. You may be one of those that thinks you'll have another chance at this, that there's an afterlife that will bring these feelings to a stop, and that is awesome. But, I have the mindset that, "just in case" none of that happens for me, I need to make this life I'm living right now COUNT!!! I may not get a second chance. It won't be perfect. I won't be perfect. But, I'm not going to let those negative thoughts overtake how grateful I am to be alive everyday that I able!!!

I reflect upon that life changing experience, and although it was a dark period for me, it brought me to this bright place that I'm so happy to live in. When I run into people who knew me before that situation happened, they must think I'm completely different. And yes, I'm really proud. So listen, here's the takeaway. You can change. You deserve to bask in the bright light of positivity. Once you've tasted it, there's nowhere else you'll ever want to live your life. Today I'm wishing all of you a "Sunshine State of Mind."



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