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Must Have Makeup and Skincare This Summer for Women of All Ages and Skin Type

I should preface this post with the fact that I'm a makeup and skincare junkie. I'm easily persuaded by influencers, bloggers, and celebrities to buy just about anything in the skin and makeup aisles. No, I'm not a makeup artist, just an everyday gal trying my best to look and feel good. So, I feel pretty confident in letting all my beauties in on some of my best kept secrets!

First up, is sunscreen. I've tried different primers with sunscreen, moisturizers with sunscreen, setting sprays with SPF, etc. I finally found my holy grail of sunscreen. Her name is Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. This sunscreen leaves your skin glowy, protected, and stays on all day. The zinc oxide and titanium oxide in the ingredients protect our precious skin from those harmful rays. Let's be honest, we can't wear a hat 100% of the time. This product is for ALL skin types! So convenient for those of us that have constantly changing skin types.

Here are some quick tips: Rub the product between your palms or fingers to "warm it up." You then want to press the product into the skin. If you skip this step, you'll only get a white sunscreen mess and not a beautiful glow. Also, this is an all day sunscreen. It's important to use a good cleanser at night to make sure you get this off!

Next up is my "can't live without" primer. Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer is something all women need in there beauty kit. This is another one that literally allows your skin to breath, while making it look shine and pore free. If you are someone who has bumpy skin due to acne or age, this will make you look smooth with or without makeup. I've had such a difficult time camouflaging my fine lines and wrinkles. This one even helps those deep forehead lines and smile lines around the mouth!

Hints: try the smaller "mini" version before buying the full size. You want to give this product a few tries as application can get a bit to get used to. Again, rub the product between your fingers to "warm up" before pressing into the skin. Rubbing it into the skin will cause it to pill. I've found that this works with all consistencies of foundation (from water based to silicone based), which is hard to find. There are some great tips to application on Sephora's website reviews.

So something that I had waited to try is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder. I've never felt more foolish in my life! One of my friends, Shanna, who is the author of the blog,, told me that this powder stops any foundation or concealer from settling into those fine lines and wrinkles. Shanna didn't lie. I tried it with the Tatcha Primer and without. It used to be that my BB Creme would settle into my smile lines, and this stopped that from happening! Mind blown! It is worth every penny. For my ladies over 30, run...don't walk to get this!

Hint: Use a brush to apply. I prefer to tap the product into my skin versus brushing it over. A little goes a long way (there's no need to put a ton of this product on your brush. This setting powder doesn't "bake." It just sets makeup. Three colors are available.

My final trusty must have for summer is Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer my eyebrows to stay in place whether I'm at a cookout, the pool, or a night out dancing. This dipbrow is soooo much better than other things on the market. I love that there are so many shades available (11 to be exact), and its easy to apply. I highly recommend getting her Brush #14 to apply, but just definitely don't skip on this pomade.

Hint: One of the gals at Sephora told me to dip the brush into the pomade, and them take the brush in a back and forth motion in the cap to disperse the product evenly. No one want Cruella Deville eyebrows from putting too much on. You can always add more if it's too light. Match your shade to your roots! Eyebrows should be a little darker than your hair color.

There are so many more products that I love for summer, but these products are my "Holy Grail." Tell me below if you have any favorites for summer that I must try! I'd love to hear suggestions. Happy Summer Beauties!

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