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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

One of my favorite things to do is try products that I've seen other bloggers/influencers rave about. Is it as good as they are telling me it is, OR are they getting paid to tell me this and the product is sub par? Can you tell I may have small trust issues? HA! I want to tell you about MY personal experience with Smile Brilliant. It may not be exactly what you expect to hear, but this is why posts like this are so important. It's real, it's my truth, and it can help you decide if it is something you want to try for yourself.

I'll admit, I was SO excited when I was approached to try their whitening system. I had seen great reviews from friends and colleagues and I was so ready to get a bright white smile! I was immediately attracted to it because they actually uses top and bottom dental molds to make sure the product gets in every crevice of your tooth. It wasn't one of those that you buy at the drug store that don't fit your teeth and get all over your gums (and then irritate them...I know you know what I'm talking about!). I do have some tooth sensitivity, occasionally, and that was a big concern. I was asked very specific questions about the health of my teeth, my sensitivity, if I had used other teeth whiteners previously, etc. I definitely felt like they were setting me up for success!

I was sent the product quickly. The directions were VERY clear and super easy to follow, and get this...if you mess up, don't stress, they send you extra product to make sure you get those dental impressions for molding right. Gotta love a company with some forethought! They give you everything you need to send the product back to them to make the molds. If you are still extra nervous of the process, you can even send them a picture of your dental impressions to make sure it looks the way you want. They definitely make this process user friendly.

Once I received my molds, I got straight to whitening. The process requires you to brush your teeth (no toothpaste), dry your teeth, and then take the whitening applicator and spread an even, light layer on the part of the mold that will hit the front of the teeth. The hardest part for me in all of this was drying my teeth. What can I say, I'm a "salivater." Also, I was paranoid to use too much whitener, so I definitely didn't overdo it. You can get 3-4 uses out of each tube. You start at 45 minutes for the whitening process, and can increase during your whitening, if you so choose. Many whiten at night, after dinner. But, you can whiten at any time, there are just some requirements about when you can have food/drink after the process.

Okay, so after whitening, you rinse the trays, dry them as best you can, and then brush your teeth WITH toothpaste. You then add the desensitizing gel to the molds, and then leave on for 20 minutes. Let me stop here for a second: Not everyone needs the desensitizing gel...they do have systems that are a little cheaper in price if you don't need it. Once completed, you rinse your mouth with water only, rinse the molds, dry molds, and then put them away in your travel case (yes, you can travel with these which is a perk!) As you can tell, it's an easy system. They have multiple options for those with dark staining, average staining, and light.

So, here's my experience. I had a little sensitivity that I didn't care for as I attempted to white for longer periods. I communicated with the company, and they said to go back to the shorter period of time. Longer isn't necessary. I used the whole system and took an after photo of my smile (I may have forgotten to mention that I took a before photo...kind of important to show you if it works!). I used the same light that I could control. So, let me show you below my results:



Okay, I know you're probably thinking, "Um...I don't see a difference?" And here's the real answer, you are probably correct. It's miniscule. And, I was disappointed. I'll admit, I had crazy expectations. But, here's where I should explain the whitening system, how it works, and WHY I'm ok with my results.

FACT: Not all teeth are created equal. Indeed, in my case, I have naturally white teeth. If you look at the before photo, it actually looks like most people's after photo. I'll admit, I've used straws with my coffee, would immediately brush teeth after drinking red wine, and wouldn't drink sodas because it stains teeth. So...I might be a little ahead of most people in doing things to not have stains on my teeth. Also, my teeth are naturally whiter in general. Some people have darker teeth. I was blessed with the lighter, whiter version (thanks, Dad).

FACT: Whitener's don't whiten teeth, they REMOVE stains. So, how can I expect to have whiter teeth when I don't really have much, if any, staining? That was a hard lesson to learn in this. But, I was so hyped up on getting whiter teeth (I wanted to blind people with my smile), I didn't realize my expectations in my head could not be met.

FACT: There's a typical 2-7 shade difference based upon each person. Ok, what does this really mean? It means, if you have a ton of staining, you are likely to see a HUGE improvement. If you are me (light to none...ok, I'll be real...none), it will be so minimal and hard to see with the naked eye.

So, here's my final thoughts, friends. Does this whitening system work? I suspect so. I'm thinking I may get one for my husband because he has terrible coffee staining that has worsened over time. I've no doubt he'd see a heck of a difference. Did it work for me? Well, no...but if you didn't just skip to the bottom to read this, you know why. Would I recommend it to others to try? YES. The customer service team is fantastic. I do think there is something to the molds. And, what's great, is that you can continue to keep that smile bright and whiten 3-4 times a year as you see stains return (because they, chocolate, coffee, wine). I have the molds, and so IF I saw staining creep up on my teeth (I've ditched the straw, so it's bound to happen), I can order what I need to whiten as I see fit. I really love that control. And as far as sensitivity goes, I'd rather use this system than those others that get gel all over my gums that I used to buy. Thanks, Smile Brilliant, for giving me an opportunity to give an honest review of your teeth whitening system. Something tells me, you'll be seeing my name in an upcoming order for my husband...

If this is something you'd like a chance to try out this system for yourself, Smile Brilliant is offering a discount code of 15% off storewide with the code, living4sunshine15.

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